Saturday, March 22

Warhawk's Free, Biiiig v1.3 Patch Details

Finally we see a release date for this huge v1.3 patch for Warhawk that I've been getting so excited for, April 2nd, 2008. Best thing is the patch is going to be Free and includes a whole pile of new stuff. Watch the video then hit the jump to read about the rest of it.

First of all, you can view a majority of the patch pictures over at the Playstation Blog's Flickr.

If you take note at all the new funky Warhawk designs, you'll come to realize that those are the winners of the design contest that are having their patterns go into the game itself. Congrats to all the winners, I can't wait to fly around in your artwork.

Then there's the Wrench, which is new for troops. It can do all of three things, beat the enemy troops to hell, repair your vehicles, and destroy the enemy vehicles really fast. I foresee that one becoming the next knife.

As if the wrench wasn't cool enough, we get a Bio-Field Generator, which is like a mobile health station. You drop it down like a land mine and it emits your team's color, now if your teammates stand in the radius of it, they get healed; however, if your enemy team gets near it, they get injured. Super cool!

To begin integration with the up and coming Playstation Home, Warhawk will be able to have a team meet up in an apartment and discuss plans for the upcoming match, whip out a virtual PSP and begin the Warhawk game without ever having to switch through menus. Tactical lovers should look forward to that one.

Finally there will be new VOIP options as well, with an Open-Mic option to be enabled. Yaaaay, I've always wanted to sit there and have the enemy just scream at me. Or...wait...will they be hearing my never ending harrassing insults. Either way, sounds fun. That's not all the new VOIP options give though, now there will be a little menu in game and between games that shows who's talking and when, so no more guessing of which voice goes to whom.

It seems like we're going to be getting a lot of bang for our buck. The buck that we aren't spending on it.


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