Tuesday, March 18

Multiplayer in DS version of Disgaea

Recently, an interviewer from CrispyGamer got a chance to sit down with Jack Niidan, PR manager of NIS america, to talk about the much anticipated release of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Since Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was announced for the DS many fans have been wondering what will make the game different from the PSP version. Niidan touches on that in this interview, and even talks about the possibility of bringing Disgaea 2 to the DS.

The main feature of Disgaea DS is the multi-player mode. Fans that are tired of the original can still get a kick out of this game by destroying their buddy's Laharl and Etna.

Yes, thats right, now you and your friends may battle it out using your favorite characters from Disgaea. Wifi support hasn't been confirmed, but I'm sure we will get more details in the coming months. The game will also include a unique Battle feature that makes use of the DS's touch screen. Fans may also be relieved to hear that the DS version will retain all the content from the PSP version, but with extra content.



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