Monday, March 3

The Dark Defender Pixelized

One of my favorite shows, Dexter, a Showtime original about a serial killer who kills murderers (how bad ass is that) is going to be getting it's own video game.

Not too many details as of now besides knowing that Marc Ecko Entertainment will be developing the game while working closely with Showtime.

Dexter has plenty of elements that would make a great video game, a tight story, fun ways to kill and torture people (always a plus), and an awesome character set. To top it all off Marc Ecko Entertainment is a pretty nifty developing team.

However it's still a game based off a television show, and I'm hesitant to get my hopes up for this one. Please prove me wrong Marc Ecko, I reaaaallly love Dexter.


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Sp3ctr said...

Kewlz. I myself haven't seen this show but I think that it looks great. Im fairly interested in seeing what the Ecko crew can do with this.