Thursday, March 6

Prepare to Be Damned

The newest game to be revealed from Codemaster's Blue Omega Entertainment is a shooter for the PC, Ps3, and the 360 by the name of Damnation with a modern-western feel to it, at least that's what the screen shots seem to be showing us.

Codemasters is using the Unreal 3 engine and says they'll bring us a "shooter gone verticle" with expansive levels that could take upwards of 3 hours to beat. I think that could be a record in shooter history, someone check that for me.

As of right now there's not too many details, but we'll be sure to update you all once there is, check out opinions and screens after the break.

You can view all four of the screenshots over at IGN if you so wish. Which you should because they look pretty awesome, and if the one at the top of this page depicts what we as players can do, then I look forward to hanging from a wire as I shoot my enemies to a bloody pulp.

Oh yeah one final note, there's a screenshot over at IGN that has a person on a motorcycle riding horizontally on a wall while shooting down her opposer at the same time. I need to get me a girl like that.


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