Monday, March 3

Phil Harrison Now Leader of Infogrames

In a follow-up to a bit of news a couple weeks ago that both ryizzel and I bombed on writing about, Phil Harrison, previously head of SCEA (Sony for all of you acronym-deficient readers out there) is now the President of Atari's Infogrames.

Yes sir, we totally forgot to update all of you about Phil Harrison leaving Sony after fifteen years of working solely for Sony. Sorry guys.

Now that he's got his fancy new job with a company that hasn't produced a game since 2005, I'm sure he's very very proud of his decision. Even if I think he's completely batty for making that transition.


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Sp3ctr said...

I don't know whether to applaud or break down and cry. Bad for Sony, good for Infogrames and Atari fans.