Tuesday, March 4

Uber-box gets Blu-Ray Finally

Last year SE2 Labs unveiled the "ITC One" media center, a $25,000 monster that features an Xbox360, wii, HD PVR, digital amplifiers, surround-sound processor, touch screen, and an ipod dock. The only thing missing from this uber-box until recently was a Blu-Ray player. After neglecting to include the obvious choice for a Blu-Ray player(*cough*Ps3*cough*), SE2 Labs has finally decided to support Sony's hi def format, but not its console.

All in all this thing looks like a solid deal, it may have a hefty price tag, but then you could be paying up to $17,000 for a Blu-ray player. Its a shame they couldn't squeeze a robot that makes Ramen onto it somewhere...


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