Friday, March 7

Gamer Discussion

Hidey Ho there B&W'ers, I figured we could start this Friday morning off with a reader/writer discussion! Let's continue this after the break so as to not distract from the gaming news.

The question posed today is What Game Has You Drooling Right Now? It could be a super retro game that you've recently seen a review of somewhere, or maybe a Ps2 or Xbox, or even Gamecube game that you remembered always wanting to try.

Of course it could also be a brand spankin' new one like Army of Two. I think you're getting the idea. Out of aaaalll the games in the world, what one do you want the most right now?

For me I've had the incredible craving for Folklore on the Ps3. I played the demo months ago and saw the reviews and just dismissed it, but now I've been wanting it more and more. Then again, what I want even more than Folklore is the DualShock 3 controller, but that's not really a game now is it?

So readers, what game or gaming peripheral is it that you're drooling over right now?


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Sp3ctr said...

This probably won't come as a suprise but I am exited for the American release of Super Smash Brothers Brawl this coming Sunday. I have the first two and I plan on getting this one.
Gaming peripheral-wise I really want the new Kratos Red PsP.

Undrallio said...

Yeah sp3ctr, Brawl probably will be on most people's most wanted list right about now. They've certainly hyped it up enough and from what I hear it's absolutely awesome.

The Kratos edition PSP is friggin' sweet too, and with the great PSP line-up lately (GoW:Chain of Olympus, Patapon, etc) I think it'd be definitely worth picking up.

ryizzel said...

Surprisingly.....I'm not all that excited for brawl at the moment.

Its all about Condemned and Metal Gear baby.