Wednesday, March 5

Zack and Wiki Get Flashed

Over at Nintendo's web page for their Wii game Zack and Wiki, they've got an online flash demo. They're a little slow on this one, putting the demo up 5 months after the full-version of the game was released, but better late then never right?

You can check out the demo at their site here. Once the site loads, click on the Gameplay tab at the top, then "Play A Demo Level!".

Zack and Wiki is a clever, funny, puzzle game for the Wii and if you're a Wii owner and you haven't at least tried Zack and Wiki, you're missing out. The flash demo should push some skeptics over the edge and hopefully encourage them to purchase the game.

The full version features use of the Wiimote (of course), more involved puzzles, and Wiki actually does stuff. Rather then sit there and look pretty.

As for the flash demo, it's semi-frustrating. It took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to do, and I felt pretty proud of myself once I got it. Opening a door has never been so exciting.


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