Thursday, April 24

Iron Man Demo Impressions (PS3)

In a desperate search for awesome gaming news, which there's little of today, I realized that today was the Playstation Store's update day. I log in, check out the new stuff, lo and behold there's two new demos that I immediately download. Echochrome, and Iron Man.

Seeing how I posted about it before. I realized what better post could I do than a demo-impression article. Let's check it out after the break.

After downloading and installing the demo, which was nearly a gig in size, I start it up. The title music, while semi-epic gets repetitive....quick. However, that's more of a personal issue, and it's not that I'd normally sit there and listen to a game menu's music, but I had to begin writing this post of course!

There's three difficulties that you can play on, Easy, Normal, and Formidable. Because when you use easy and normal....hard certainly shouldn't come after that. Let's start on Normal, because I'm a sissy.

Ok, begin the demo and I'm brought to a very short, very uninformative briefing about the mission at hand. It seems some people have a stockpile of weaponry and it's your job to go kick some ass and destroy the stockpiles. Awesome, this should be great.

Next up is the Suit Configuration, where you can spend absurd amounts of money to purchase upgrades for parts of your suit. Not bad, adding a little strategic element in there, but it looks like there's only 3 upgrade levels per part, but with each tech upgrade you unlock a few choices for suit parts. When I purchased the core suit tech upgrade I unlocked two different core suit pieces to use.

They start you off with 100 million, with the most expensive starting upgrade costing 93 million, your repulsors. Repulsors are a fancy name for blasty hand things that make the enemies catch the dead.

The graphics are great, at least the landscape and Iron Man are. The tanks and helicopters look a little...half-assed if I may say so...but Iron Man and his attacks are sweeeet.

Voice overs? Well...they felt a little shallow to me. I'm just not a fan of "witty" one-liners and British servants. Honestly though, the voices could have definitely been done better.

Finally the controls, I couldn't get used to it...maybe it's just my style of play, but dang I couldn't get the whole Hover -> Fly Fast -> Hover -> Shoot -> Fly While Shooting thing down, especially since I couldn't get the camera to work with me. This section however, may be my own problem so don't bite the dust on it.

Overall? The Iron Man demo was pretty fun, but definitely not for a real hardcore gamer. Unless you're an Iron Man fan, then by all means go for it. Casual gamers would probably love it as well, mindless destruction is groovin.


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