Sunday, April 20

Wrapping Up Another Slow Week

One more week down, and I managed to be late on this post where we discuss our gaming adventures of the week and subsequent weekend. Better late than never right?

So what games did you guys play over the weekend?

I worked my way through The Darkness, which I picked up used for ten bucks (Huzzah!). It was definitely worth it and now I'm considering crawling through on Hard mode...but then again I generally suck at staying alive in games like that. I'm thinking about finishing up this Sunday with a little Guitar Hero and Super Mario Galaxy (Yeah, still haven't beaten it, I suck).

You guys don't want to hear what I wasted my time on though, so let's go over the Highlights of the Week

-Marvel characters are back in style, Spidey and Iron Man get more games.

-Codename: Cagney, the next update for Burnout Paradise gets more details, user-created soundtrack for the win.

-Playstation Store gets a much needed overhaul.

-Konami cracks down on Beta abusers.


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