Friday, April 25

Portal 2 not coming anytime soon

After the conclusion of Portal, many gamers were left yearning for more cake and a visit from their companion cube, unfortunately they are going to have wait a while. When talking to Eurogamer, Valve's Doug Lombardi had this to say about a portal sequel.

"In typical Valve tradition, it won't be Portal with different colours," said Lombardi, dressed as a companion cube. "I think that when you hit something like that, you have two choices: you can quickly replicate it and stick it out there - do the opportunistic thing and cash in on it; or you can do the crazy thing like we did after Half-Life was so successful and go off and try and say, 'Okay, that was revolutionary, so its successor has to be equally as revolutionary.'

Looks like Portal 2 is going to launching alongside Duke Nukem Forever and Starcraft: Ghost.



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