Saturday, April 26

Bungie's next game

It seems Bungie isn't quite ready to part ways with the Halo universe. According the the latest gossip, Bungie is planning on making a 3rd person shooter that occurs within the Halo Universe.

In the June issue of EGM, rumor hound Quarterman claims industry rumblings are pointing at a Halo prequel as Bungie's first title since parting from Microsoft. According to the popular rumor page of the magazine, the rumored game is a third-person action/shooter hybrid that will chronicle the early battles between the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) and Covenant.

Soooo... its Halo without Master Chief? Can such a thing exist?


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TheCro said...

Fucking let Halo go...Jesus. Impress the gaming community with something even more "Revolutionary" than Halo. You have the fucking resources. JUST DO IT.